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 Mac Dralle

From the NW Suburbs of Chicago, Mac Dralle is a folk americana artist. The artist plays songs spanning the eras including jazz artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, rock and roll artists such as Grateful Dead, The Band, and Rolling Stones, as well as modern day artists such as Elephant Revival. He ties all the original takes on these pieces of music with his own original compositions that promote better understanding ourselves as human beings. After starting to tour in August of 2015 with a benefit trip for the ALS Association, Mac has spent much of his time on the road including a two month tour, “It’s Cold, I’m Leaving”, during the winter of 2016 in which he spent February and March touring the southeast and midwest regions to raise awareness for the ALS Association once again. Chrissie Mena of Living60010 was quoted saying, “(Mac) seems to have a quiet understanding of how he can influence change his way,” while interviewing Mac about a fundraiser he was putting on in his hometown of Barrington, Illinois.

Mac has been busy playing in public venues as well as retirement facilities around the midwestern region. His material highlights his story-telling approach to album writing in which he tells us of a young character, Becker, throughout the pieces. Doug Saltzman, the owner of Throne Age in Chicago, said this about the first EP released July of 2015: “‘Becker’ is a very organic collection of songs that takes you on an intimate journey through the narration of Mac Dralle in his guitar.” Stay tuned for news on Mac’s next releases which should be announced soon!

Mac talking to an audience member at an ALS Association event in Dailey Plaza

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